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Late/Absence Procedures

*** Our new & updated website is currently under construction ***

*** Our new & updated website is currently under construction *** 1
Leave of Absence

Parents should be aware that any leave in term time must not be seen as a right and parents must expect their request to be denied. If a family request a leave of absence from the school the reason why must be submitted on a leave of absence form.

Any time taken without the permission from the school will be unauthorised and could result in your child being taken off the school roll and legal action being taken by the Local Authority by means of a fixed term penalty fine.

Our school attendance figures are monitored by the Local Authority and by the Government. Punctuality is also monitored and we remind you that the school starts at 8.50am. In order for our children to fully reach their potential it is vital they are in school on time every day. We would appreciate your co-operation in this matter.

Thank you.

Mrs R Unsworth