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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Teaching Staff
Picture 1 Mrs Galloway Deputy Head
Picture 2 Mrs Chapman
Picture 3 Mrs Makinson
Picture 4 Mrs Carr
Picture 5 Mrs Carey
Picture 6 Mrs Walton
Picture 7 Miss Davies
Picture 8 Mrs Hardman
Picture 9 Miss Kobryn
Picture 10 Miss Clarke
Teaching Assistants
Picture 1 Mrs Scowcroft
Picture 2 Miss Howard
Picture 3 Mrs Balchin
Picture 4 Mrs Haslam
Picture 5 Mrs Howard
Picture 6 Mrs Greenhalgh
Picture 7 Mrs Horrocks
Picture 8 Mrs Metcalf
Picture 9 Mrs Dunlop
Picture 1 Mrs Mooney School Business Manager
Picture 2 Mrs Marsh
Picture 3 Mrs Stones
Picture 1 Mrs Kobryn Learning Mentor