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Governor Attendance 2019-20

Name of GovernorRunning countAcademic Year 2019-20
Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2 
Mr Ben Barnes 1/1Attended     
Dr Nick Browne 1/1Attended     
Mr Marcus ChesterChair of Governors1/1Attended     
Mrs Sam FawcettVice Chair of Governors1/1Attended     
Mrs Candice Hyde 1/1Attended     
Mrs Diane Martindale 1/1Attended     
Mr Steven McHaddan 1/1Attended     
Mr Robert Moores 0/1Apologies     
Mr Phil Turney 1/1Attended     
Mrs Rebecca Unsworth 1/1Attended     

Governor Attendance 2018-19

Name of GovernorRunning countAcademic Year 2018-2019
Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2 
Mr Phil Turney 5/6AttendedApologiesAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Dr Nick Browne 5/6ApologiesAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mr Marcus ChesterChair of Governors6/6AttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mr Robert Moores 3/6Non-attendanceAttendedAttendedNon- attendanceNon-AttendanceAttended
Rev Sue Edwards N/AResigned
Mr Tony MackayVice-Chair2/6AttendedApologiesApologiesApologiesAttendedApologies
Mrs Sam Fawcett 6/6AttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs Christine Balcer NAApologiesResigned
Mr James O’Malley 4/6AttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedApologiesApologies
Mr Steven McHaddan 5/6ApologiesAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs Rebecca Unsworth 6/6AttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedAttended
Mrs Anita Kobryn 3/6AttendedAttendedApologiesAttendedApologiesApologies
Mrs Diane Martindale 5/6AttendedAttendedAttendedAttendedApologiesAttended

Governor Attendance 2017-18

Name of GovernorRunning countAcademic Year 2017-18
Autumn8.11.2017Spring 17.2.18Spring 228.3.18 Summer 116.5.18Summer 211.7.18
Mr Phil Turney 3/5   ApologiesApologies
Dr Nick Browne 1/1 
Mr Marcus Chester 4/5   Apologies 
Mr Robert MooresVice-Chair5/5     
Rev Sue Edwards4/5    Apologies
Mr Tony Mackay 5/5     
Mrs Sam Fawcett 1/1 
Mrs Christine BalcerChair of Governors5/5     
Mr James O’Malley 5/5     
Mr Steven McHaddan 5/5     
Mrs Rebecca Unsworth 1/1 
Mrs Anita Kobryn 5/5     
Mrs Diane Martindale3/3