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Our Peer Mediators – we work alongside Mrs Balchin & Mrs Kobryn

Peer Mediators Job Description

Full training will be provided for the successful candidates. You will complete a peer mediators’ course.

Main purpose of the role

To help to solve minor conflict between pupils. This would be achieved by supporting them and encouraging them to work together to come to an agreeable solution where both parties are happy. You must be prepared to give up some of your lunchtimes.

Skills and qualities

We are people, who enjoy working with children and have the following personal qualities:

  • We are confident
  • Good listeners
  • Show empathy (we understand other people’s feelings and perspectives)
  • We can follow rules and systems
  • We are calm
  • We are fair
  • We are non-judgmental (we do not take sides)
  • We understand the importance of confidentiality.