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Welcome to the PTA section of our website

Meet Our Team

Chair – Vickie Gray

Secretary – Nicola McHaddan

Treasurer – Lisa Mooney

Along with a small team of supporters

What do the Friends of St Stephen & All Martyrs’ do?

At St Stephens & All Martyrs’ we have a very active group who organise events regularly to allow the children to mix in a social environment, whilst also raising funds for the school. St Stephens and All Martyrs’, like all Local Authority Schools, manages it’s own financial budget – this is intended to cover essential school equipment. Friends aims to raise money to buy those extra items which this basic budget does not cover. As you will appreciate, this is to the advantage of every child in the school, as we aim to not only raise money, but further the academic, cultural, social and recreational interest of all our pupils to develop these skills for future life.

How can you can help us?

We have a small team of dedicated members who meet on a regular basis. Every parent/carer of a pupil at St Stephens and All Martyrs’ is welcome to attend meetings and they are publicised in the school newsletter. We have a busy schedule of events, but value new ideas on how we can raise funds and new projects for the school.

If you want to get more involved, we have events which you can take part in organising or even just helping out on the day. You can even be an ‘armchair’ supporter! – If you have a skill such as the ability to cook, DJ, carpentry or help sell tickets we’d love to hear from you! We’d really appreciate your support for this year – whatever form it takes.

Please keep your eyes open for our planned events and meetings. If you have any questions relating to Friends, please feel free to ask a member of our team or one of the school staff to pass your question or suggestion onto us or come along to our next meeting

Our next meeting is on:

Wednesday 29th January at 3.30pm & again at 6.30pm in school – no need to attend both!

All Welcome!