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Our Ethos Team work alongside – Mrs Horrocks

They also work with Alison Adlum –

Deanery & Family worker form the Children Changing Places Project, as part of the Diocese Of Manchester

Ethos Team Job Description

Main purpose of the role

  1. To promote the Christian Values in our school.
  2. To be an excellent role model for other pupils – demonstrate our school values.
  3. To represent the views of others, even when they may not agree with that view.
  4. Take a lead on building our links with the Church community.
  5. Take an active part in planning, leading and evaluating school worship.
  6. Contribute and share ideas and thinking at meetings.

Support the work of the Ethos Team, so that everyone can, “Achieve, Believe, Care” the best for them and our school.

Skills and qualities

They demonstrate the following personal qualities:

  • Display a Christian attitude at all times.
  • Understand the importance of the Christian Values
  • Are open minded
  • Celebrate difference and diversity
  • See the importance of equality
  • Respect rights of everyone
  • Are motivated
  • Enthusiastic
  • Display strong leadership skills
  • Are goal setters