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General Notes

  • Please put all monies in separate clearly labelled envelopes.
  • No loose change can be accepted.
  • Snack and lunch money must be kept separate as these payments are processed differently.

Many thanks for your continued support in this matter.

Dinner Money – Key Stage 2 Only

EYFS and Key Stage 1 entitled to UIFSM (Universal Infant Free School Meals)

  • Any transfers from/to dinners must be half termly.
  • Any credits for unexpected absences will be carried over.
  • All cheques for dinner money should be made payable to BMBC.
  • £1.70 per day – £8.50 per week (wef from 01/09/2019), payable each Monday morning

If you would like any more information a member of the office team will be happy to help.

Snack Money

£10 per each half term each payable by cash, cheque or online. Cheques made payable to BMBC. There is no facility for paying this daily or weekly. Children must have a water bottle in school at all times. These can be purchased from the school office at £1.50 each.

Dinner Money 
 Days in Term  
Half Term One33£56.10 
Half Term Two40£68.00 
Half Term One30£51.00 
Half Term Two30£51.00 
Half Term One27£45.90 
Half Term Two30£51.00 

Also, please note that all trip monies/uniform monies must be made payable to BMBC. Thank you.

For more snack and dinner information please see the links below.

If you would prefer to make online snack payments please speak to one of the office team.